Friday, January 11, 2013

Gel/Cream Eyeliner Swatch Pt.2: Lancome

I did some gel liner swatching on my recent gel liner shopping trip. See Part 1 for extensive color coverage on YSL and Bobbi Brown.

This is Lancome Liner Design Long Wear Calligraphy Gel EyeLiner. Hmm. Long name.

Lancome in different lightings:

Left to Right, Lancome:
Emerald Seduction
Purple Jewels
Downtown Blues

Left to Right, Lancome:
Emerald Seduction is a matte green with a slight hint of teal, depending on the lighting
Purple Jewels is a midtoned purple on the warmer side
Downtown Blues is a blackened royal blue with sparkles and a sheen

I have swatched Lancome on two separate occasions now and am completely unimpressed with the formula. Look how it dries and flakes. The purple seems to apply streaky. I researched Lancome gel liners and am confused about the names. They apparently had gel liner called Ink Artliner. This collection that I swatched is Liner Design. Was it a simple rename or a formula change as well? At any rate, Ink Artliner gets good reviews, but I have dismissed Liner Design as a contender in my collection based on these swatches.

Once again, Sephora doesn't carry all the Lancome colors. But the link is here. Nordstrom has the complete selection. As does, sure enough, the Lancome website itself. It retails for $24.50 across the board.

If anyone owns one of these, are they as flaky as my swatches were?