About Me


Call me Florence. I'm a girl who likes collecting makeup and pens. I'm obsessed with researching products that I want to buy. Even more so, I am constantly critiquing things that I have used and I really like sharing my opinions. You know all those long surveys that you sometimes get asked to take? I'm one of those people who fills out each question quite seriously.

I also like interesting and pretty words, which I guess explains cynosure.

In fact, I like anything interesting and unique. I wouldn't say I'm daring per se, but I like learning random facts, wearing new colors, experimenting different routes, and trying new flavors.

I think it's the part of me that always wants to be thorough. I'll try everything in order to find my favorite of the bunch. This goes for everything. iPhone apps, candle scents, hobbies.

It's great fun! These are some things I've discovered I like very much: gel eyeliner, Chai tea lattes, the game Mastermind, singing in acapella, and wearing fluffy knit scarves.

But that's enough about me. How about you?! I'd love to talk to you readers in all the comment sections across this blog about what you like/think/want/found/do!

With love,