What's a cynosure?

I learned this word "cynosure" just the other day from the thesaurus section of dictionary.com.

First off, it is pronounced sin-uh-shoo r.

I stumbled across this word when naming this subsection of my blog. I wanted a meaning similar to "corner", as in kIdS' cORnEr but not so generic.

According to m-w.com, Cynosure capitalized is another name for the North Star. This fact brings together the other two meanings which are:

-"one that serves to direct or guide" and
-"a center of attraction or attention"

If not over the top, I thought this word fit quite nicely. I take to eyeliner more than other makeup products and so I am devoting particular concentration to it on this little blog of mine. An eyeliner review central if you will. Cynosure!

My Skin Type:
I have extremely oily skin so if eyeliner stays put on me, it will almost certainly stay put on you. I do not have monolids nor hooded eyes, although eyeliner does imprint onto my upper lids when I look up too often (it sounds silly but it's true!).

Nowadays, I often wear eyeliner without any other eye makeup. Eyeshadows are a bit too fussy and conspicuous for me and I have basically given up on mascara. So eyeliner has become my go-to. Since I don't wear eyeshadow, I get my color kick from switching up eyeliner colors. It is a balance, because I like my eyeliners dark as well.

It's a quest and I enjoy it. I hope you will come along in my journey to find the best eyeliner collection.