Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint

These lipglosses are sold at Bath & Body Works. They smell and taste minty and feel slightly cooling. This has practically replaced my lip balms.

I have always known that lip balms tend to dry out my lips and forces me to constantly reapply. I don't like that fact and I have recently discovered that lipgloss is a great solution.

This Mentha line of lip gloss is very low maintenance - I can put it on without a mirror because it is rather sheer. It also doesn't feather and it's not streaky. It's very comfortable to wear since it isn't sticky.

Longevity: The trade-off for the non-stickiness is that it only has moderate staying power. The thicker a layer you apply, the longer it will last. On a good day, it will stay 2 or 3 hours. On a normal day, I talk, drink water, eat, et cetera, and so all of these elements shorten the staying power of the lip gloss. This may sound weird, but sometimes the lip gloss seeps down so that I can taste the mint. It is not at all unpleasant, because the mint flavor is fine and doesn't taste plastic-y or bitter. However, this probably contributes to the short lasting power.

Product: The product doesn't emphasize or highlight chapped lips. It has medium shine and doesn't dry out the lips when it wears off. It feels lightweight, though you can always tell when it's on.

The color can be built up and you can control the opacity, as you can see in the swatches. There is no shimmer. I really like this color as it is natural and pretty.

Packaging: Tubes seems more hygenic, as opposed to say doe-foot applicators. However, they can also be messy. Thankfully, the cap stays on tightly, even while it's tossing around inside my bag. I have never experienced lip gloss leaking out. However, sometimes I squeeze out too much and don't wipe the excess off, so when I close the cap, lip gloss gets all over the inside of the cap. I advise you to avoid touching the lip gloss with your fingers as it is very sticky.

You can find this in a Bath & Body Works store or online here. I'm not sure if they've changed the color, as the picture online makes the lip gloss look brighter and look like it has shimmer. But regardless, the formulation is great. I am also eager to try the 2x Supreme line of glosses.

Overall: This is my go-to lip product right now, which is high honors since I've never been a lip gloss person. It's such an easy product to work with. The color is lovely and so is the taste/smell. The only thing fussy is the packaging, but given everything else, I can live with it.

Total: 8.5/10